Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Motivation

A quote I found on Pinterest and liked.
Keep building that foundation.

-Loca x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Day Out With The Toddlers

I met up with my fellow toddler mummy friend Susannah, and we decided to take the kids out for a fun-packed day together.
Considering we live in London it's actually quite difficult to find a toddler friendly place to go, as they are both running about, it needs to be a nice open spaced safe place with pram-access to get to.
After looking online, I found the TFL museum in Covent Garden.

Jayden loves all things transport; cars, buses, trains the whole lot!

From East London we got the train to Waterloo on the Jubilee Line.
I found that Waterloo Station was the easiest step-free access station to the museum, although there are closer stations, such as Charing Cross and Covent Garden.
From Waterloo, we walked over the bridge and crossed the road and followed the signs to Covent Garden and the Museum was on the corner of Covent Garden.

Entry for the Museum was £15.00, that included a annual pass and free optional GiftAid, so we can go again as many times as we like within the next year; in the long run, the price is worth it because we will be going again in the near future. Jayden's entry was free too as he was under a certain age.

We went in, they had a buggy park, so we left our buggy's (at our own risk of course), and went around looking at all the transport from Old Trains to The Future of Trains.

The kids loved the day, and they ran around like wild things, pressing all sorts of buttons and just being kids and having fun.

Writing this now, Jayden is warn out sleeping beside me.

After we went to the museum, we headed back to SouthBank, and had a meal at Las Iguanas, my favourite child-friendly restaurant (bar Nandos).

And then on our way home, we happened to catch a glimpse of the Fireworks, which from afar Jayden LOVED ! He loved all the colours and sounds, giggling and smiling.

Here's A Few Pictures From Our Day Out.

- Loca x

November Birthday Wish List

Seeing as my 23rd birthday is coming up at the end of the month, I thought I would do a little wish list.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera - White: £69.99  Click Here

2. Esra Knee-high suede boots - Black: £195 Click Here

3. Canon IXUS 265 Compact Digital Camera - Pink: £119.99 Click Here

4. A toddler-friendly car

5. B. Balenciaga Perfume 50ml: £66.50 Click Here

6. Boy London- 1976 Hockey Jersey Dress- Black&Red: £70.00 Click Here

7. Animal Jacquard Top & Pencil Skirt: Top £30.00, Skirt £25.00 Click Here And Here

8. Black Woven PVC High Spirit Theft-Proof Bag: £85.00 Click Here

9. Reebok Freestyle Hi Spirit Trainers- Red Size 4: £57.00 Click Here

Thats All That Loca Wants; Links Included for All Items Above

- Loca x

Thursday, 6 November 2014


My favourite disney films of all times are Lion King & Jungle Book.


I love love love disney... I'm such a kid.

And having a 16 month old, brings out the Disney child in me again. It's now slightly acceptable to watch all the new disney movies out.

I have started a Disney collection for Jayden,  so when he is older he can appreciate the amazing disney I grew up loving and learning with.

Lion King has taught me a few lessons over the years, and so has many other disney films.

I walked into HMV and with it being Buy One Get One Free offer at the moment I couldn't resist getting 2 for Jayden, a start to what will be a full collection, currently there is 54 animated disney movies from Dumbo- Frozen.
Buy the time I have bought them all there will be over 60, but it's something that he can keep and treasure forever.

So for Christmas I will buying him plenty more disney film, and we can cuddle up and watch them together.

-Loca x

Latest Buys : November

Payday Happened and so did shopping.

To be fair, I actually didn't buy much. Just a few items but they are cute, so I thought I would share.

A t-shirt that reflects me so well; Nothing to wear , as the slogan on the front of the fitted black t-shirt.
£7.99 from new look. Just a casual basic, but can be teamed with jeans and a pair of trainers, or a pair of heels for a more yummy mummy look.

Secondly I bought a bright orange knitted jumper. Winter is approaching fast, and it's the perfect jumper to wear with a pair of black jeans or leggings.
It's cropped at the front, and lower at the back, perfect to show off my 'less tiger marked hips' since my Derma-roller treatment.
It was £14.99, bargain for a knitted jumper that I will be wearing non-stop with winter I can tell already.
Again from New Look.

Obviously I didn't forget my little man, and as New Look isn't his style, and he has most things he needs up-to-date, he just needed a pair of gloves and a hat.
Popped into Peacock, and for blue, red and white matching hat and scarf knitted set, it was about £3.
Size 12-18 months, and the gloves were actually mittens, so they will keep him hands warm in the cold and not fall off easily.
I also got him another hat, a beige flappy ear hair, with little bear ears on it. I have a matching one, so I actually couldn't resist not buying it.
Better to have 2 hats than one, as I'm sure *touchwood* one will end up missing.
Whilst there I also saw some super cute baby outfits, and really nice soft-feeling dressing gowns (I'm a sucker for them), so I will defo be buying one for over crimbo.

Anyway, that's my few bargains of the day.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Babies With Curly Hair

Having a mixed race baby usually means having a baby with naturally curly hair.
Curly hair comes in all different types, and as Beyonce has experience with the media and her baby girl Blue Ivy's hair, coping with unruly hair can be nightmare and people are always very quick to judge.

I believe letting a child with natural curly hair be natural is just beautiful, no need to rush into putting crazy hair styles on their little heads.

Jayden has curly light brown hair, and is growing at its own pace, I let it just be - wash and go is the usual style at the moment. I found that it was getting so dry after it has just been washed, so as he got older I looked into some curly hair products to keep it a bit more moist during the day.
I'm so fussy, even with my own hair, so I didn't want any funny ingredients in his hair cream.

I found CurlyKids ! .. A range especially for mixed hair. From curly, kinky, wavy and frizzy hair, its suits all hair curly hair types. Its a relatively new product,  which is a Paraben Free Moisture Cream.
I use a pea-size amount, rub it in-between my hands then on to Jayden's hair. 
It smell AMAZING ! I'm literally sniffing his hair after I put it on him, it lasts all day and makes his curls stand out, and a lot more tight than without. I can tell the difference when he does and doesn't have it in.
Its £2.49 roughly, depending where you buy it from. I found this one at my local black hair shop.

Jayden's hair is not long enough to be properly brushed, so I just use a small comb or my fingers to detangle his hair, but he rarely has tangles. 
But team CurlyKids, and a Tangle Teezer Brush and you will have a tear-free hair experience with your little ones.
To find out about the Tangle Teezer Click Here Priced at £10.60

CurlyKids - £2.49

-Loca x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Dermaroller Treatment Experience

I went to the ProSkin Clinic again to get my dermaroller treatment for my stretch marks.

I wasn't nervous because I've had tattoos done before I just thought it would be similar.
I was advised to use numbing cream so like I said in my previous post on one side I would use numbing cream on the other I wouldn't to compared the difference, so I can see for myself the differences, I did and you will see later on in the post how it really did make a difference.

I went in, lay on a nice and comfortable bed, put some tissue around the areas and we got started really quick. 

The treatment in process

I would say ' it's a bit of a lunchtime treatment' as in it doesn't take more than 30-40 minutes.
The lady would performed the procedure was Agnieszka, she really was amazing!

I started with the numb side, wiping the whole area down to sanitise the area.
It was like a mini roller(with spikes may I add) rolling over the whole stretch marked area. It really didn't hurt at it, it actually tickled.. I had a giggle at one point. It was this odd sensation, but it was very quick this side. 

As I was getting it done I was chatting with the manager (Aneta) and lady doing my procedure.
Between each treatment they recommend 2 weeks, depending on skin type and how the body reacts. With my skin type - 4 weeks is a better time to leave between treatments to avoid skin discolouration.
The amount of treatment it takes is between 10-12 to get the most effective results, again it depends on your skin type and how your body reacts to the treatment.

After the one side, I got creams rubbed into the area.

Dermaquest Lotions Used
Essential B5 Hydrating Serum -Essentials

DermaPrime - Professional

Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex - Essentials
We then moved onto the side with no numbing cream, repeating the process again.
Now I'm not gunna lie, it didn't tickle, and I wasn't laughing this time but it wasn't crazy painful.
It hurt but it was a bearly pain, saying that I had to stop a few times because it made me move and twist a bit from the discomfort.
I think my skin reacted better to the non-numb side, it looked more red by the end of the treatment. 

About hour after the treatment and my numb side was still numb, no pain no feeling at all. The otherside, I can feel something but it's not painful it's just that I can feel something different has happened to that side of me.

After about 2 hours the area should go back to normal, just letting the area breath is advised
plus don't do any itching of the area or sweating and working the body hard I.e no gym ( like we need an excuse not to go to the gym!) The treatment itself took about 30 minutes roughly, but chatting etc you want to leave about an hour in your day for this.

All the equipment used was sterile, and in new disposable packets opened in front of my eyes, and gloves were worn during the treatment.

The most painful area for this treatment are the upper lip and forehead, although being quite slim myself, when it hit my hip bone it was quite painful aswell. 

I had such a lovely person doing my treatment it put me at ease instantly, everyone in the place in general is lovely and friendly.

As a mother I wanted to know if the treatment could be done on Breastfeeding mothers , I was told that they do not advise it for breastfeeding mothers , although the treatment won't directly effect the milk, the skin would be more sensitive for breastfeeding mothers so they would not recommend the treatment.

This is a treatment like all other clinical treatments, it takes time and money.
So make sure that you take time your time and consider the aftercare and other factors when you are thinking of getting anything.

The treatment price menu is below from the website:

A few hours after my treatment and I can see a difference within the stretch marks, I feel as if they not as visible as before, from a non-medical point of view I would say I wouldn't even need 6 sessions to get rid of them completely.

To find out more information about ProSkin Clinic  Click Here .

-Loca x