Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Whats In My Bag.

So I have recently changed my handbag.
I love handbags, and i'm always changing them, so I decided to do a little post on whats actually inside this bag of mine.
Minus the 100 of receipts, i've narrowed it down to the basics, minus my camera and notebook.

So lets starts with the actually bag.

It's a white backpack from NewLook for only £24.99. Click here for the bag, it also comes in a range of different colours from metallic to nude.
The bag itself is very comfy to wear, and it is a complete change to the usual black shoulder bags I go for.

My iPhone and Glasses case are a matching set, from WHSmith, the range also includes matching pens, notepad,and other items.

My DKNY purse is a number 1 for me, I don't usually keep the same purse for such a long time, but its a good quality purse with the right amount of space, i've previously had a cream DKNY purse and within weeks it had started to discolour from all the usage, so I would suggest a darker colour.
I got this purse when I went to Bicester, so it was discounted from the normal price down to about £40.

I have a see-though mini bag inside my purse, with all my cosmetic rubbish init, and a mini mirror too. Mostly my go-to Mac Lipstick, hand cream, a few pens, hair bands, lip glosses, lip cote etc.

Obviously as a Londoner I have my Oyster in my bag at all time, even if i'm driving.
Keys, as I need to get in and out of places (Duh), and my little Morrison's keyfob.

My iPad Mini is a number 1 blogging tool for me, I can use it on the go to do some posts then update and change them later on my Mac. The Blogger App really is a good tool- download it if you are a blogger.
I can take pictures on my iPad too if I need, and as its a mini, it's light and fits into my bag without adding extra weight.

Tissues are a mummy essential as children always have a need for some tissues. I don't carry baby wipes as they are usually in Jayden's baby bag.

And Finally I carry around Aquaint spray. It is sterilised water in a portable bottle, I got it as a sample at a baby show, and decided to try it. Being on trains, or buses or even going out to eat, with a child, its important to keep them clean, and clear of germs, so this quick odourless spray keeps both me and Jayden germ-free.
More on the details about this product Click Here .

So thats what's in my bag.

-Loca x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

My fave item | Curly Hair

I love curly hair products!

And my Fro' girl Ginny told me to get a hair pic.

Now I got it .. Thinking .. My hair isn't long enough, will it really work. But Myyyyyy Gosh .. It's like my new thing!

Doing my new regime, I usually wait till the next day to fluff up the mini half fro!

It's was only 99p from my local hair shop, and I will buy a few more when I get time as a stock up.
It keeps my hair nice and curly but allows volume to be added.

So curly girlies..
Go Out and Buy One!

-Loca x

Friday, 13 February 2015

My FroGirl Experience | Curly Hair

I have been looking for a special curly person to do my hair for ageeeeeeeeeeeees !
Like forever.. I've looked up and down, side to side on all blogs on the web, and only a few names kept popping up.
One in America (I don't have the time nor money to pop over there for a hair cut), one in Birmingham (closer but still with a toddler, maybe not).. Then I came across FroGirlGinny !
And THANK HEAVENS that I did!

I'm the type of person who is prepared for anything when it comes to my hair, I like to change it, and if anything goes wrong my motto is always 'Well, It Will Grow Back'. But at the same time, I've had some bad hair experiences, so I don't want to repeat mistakes and not give my hair to someone that will love it, and not just see pound signs in it.
One of the main reason's for me to want to become a hairdresser myself, I have a passion for hair, and I want to be able for others to smile from my creativity.

Anyway back to the story...

I gave FroGirlGinny, or just Ginny a quick email, and she responded so quickly and kindly, I instantly felt at ease. We arrange a time and date, and I got a price for my hair cut, and I was super excited for my appointment.
Ginny doesn't just get the name FroGirl for nothing, she has the most amazing massive lions mane of a fro, with curls upon curls.

Obviously me being me I get semi-lost on the way, but anyway I arrived in the end, knocked on the door and was greeted by Ginny with a welcoming hug and smile on her face.
Straight away I got offered a drink (Tea; Milk and 2 Sugars), and we sat and chatted for a while before getting down to the hair.
We chatted like old friends, all about Africa and it was amazing speaking to other person who understood the culture and was so interested in Africa.

We got down to the hair, I washed my hair before the appointment, but left it without any products and didn't tie it up either.
She then cut it curl by curl dry. And explained different things as she was going on, as certain parts had heat-damage I was prepared for a good amount to be chopped off, but it ended up not that much needed to come off as it wasn't as bad as I had imagined.

We carried on chitter-chattering throughout the whole session (I could actually talk for England, I'm such as chatterbox).

After I had the cut, it was washed with special products applied to my hair, and defused.
I don't use a defuser or even own one at that. But I will be purchasing one soon I have a feeling.

Ginny gave me loads of tips and tricks to use for my hair in the future, which I shall be doing. She also wrote it down, with some products to buy.
We also agree'd on a no-heat ban. I may have said 6 months, but I'm going to try and start off with 3 months and then give myself a straight treat once each month if I feel like I need it (hopefully I won't).

One thing I shall reveal is that curly heads need to sleep on a silk pillow, I've looked all around for one, and can't find one at the moment, so as soon as I get a chance, me and eBay will be having a moment, and I shall be getting one.

I had the most amazing curl-perience, I shall be back for another cut when the time is needed.

Ginny is an amazing young lady, and I praise her for all that she does, as it can't be easy. She has a bright future ahead of her, and I can't wait to see her grow as a person and the Froday's to grow.

She has helped me get started in my healthy hair journey with my first curly cut, I've reduced my heat usage ALOT for before, so I can't wait to get my lovely long curls back.

Here Are Some Before&After Shots.

Before                                             After


That's All From Me.
Don't forget to check out FroGirlGinny's Blog Click Here

-Loca x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

50 Shades Of Grey | Toddler Fashion

Everyone is going mad on 50 Shades Of Grey!
"Mummy Pxrn" as they are calling it.

I actually LOVE the colour grey, especially on my little man.
This has lead to me doing this post, on the colour  shade Grey.
I have been online, and found some items I have fallen in love with, here is the outfit I have come up with, all links are provided.

In Order Of Pictures

Sweatshirt Cardigan | H&M

£3.99 or 3 for 2
LongSleeve Bodysuit | H&M

Trousers With Knee Patch |  Zara Kids

Suede Moccasins | GAP

The Gap Moccasins are my favourite grey item of all !

- Loca x

Valentines Day Ideas

The dreaded time of year is back again, LOVE is in the air. 
Valentines Day is fast approaching.

I've seen so many blogs about what to do, and where to go, and what to buy.
So I have decided to add a little twist to the subject, as I have a second person in the situation (no, not another guy !!! A toddler called Jayden silly !).

If you are lucky enough to be able to get a baby sitter here are a few ideas to do to spend an evening alone without the little ones.

Dinner and a Movie

 Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out on the 13th February, why not take a trip to the local cinema.
Then grab a bite to eat at a restaurant before picking up the kids.


Check out online for any cheap deals for ticket to a theatre show, WestEnd has come great things on at the moment, from Thriller to The Lion King. 
I 100% recommend The Lion King in the theatre, as it is an AMAZING show, you will sing along the whole way, be amazed at the puppetry of the animals and just enjoy a well put together show. I cannot wait to go and see it again in the near future.
Be aware, if you are deciding to be the kiddies to this, it is not suitable for any children under 3, as they will not be admitted as far as I am aware, but do double check incase it has changed.

LastMinute.Com has great offers from last minute tickets.


If you can get out in the day, and not the evening.
And you're both footy fans, why not go to a stadium tour.
They are super fun !.. I actually went on one today.
Obviously check before you go down its not a match day, as they won't be on, you can usually either book online or at the stadium.
The arsenal tour is £18 for a self-guided audio tour.
Use the Arsenal Tour Link I have provided if you want to find out more.
(And yes, I'm only linking to arsenal, because they are the team I support, sorry mate)

Stay At Home Date

If you can't get a babysitter, why not wait till the little ones are asleep, and grab a movie from HMV, buy some popcorn, get some wine and enjoy and movie.
Its not always about spending loads of money or going out.

Cook a dinner for your loved one, buy some candles and have a romantic dinner for two.
Feed the little one early, and wait till they are up in bed sleeping to eat together.
Have a good chat, and enjoy spending some quality time together.

I hope I have given you some ideas about what to do for valentines.

As for gift ideas.. Chocolates are always a winner.
I'm not going to do a gift ideas post, simply because I think spending some time together is better than any gift.

(All Images Used Sourced From Google)

Loca x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Rimmel London - 60 Second Nail Polish

Due to my job I never get a chance to actually paint my nails.
But also being a mum it's hard to paint my nails and keep them from getting smudged 30 seconds after having them to be done.

Rimmel 60 second is my go-to nail polish .. It actually dries in 60seconds.. (Unlike others that say they do and don't ) I put 2 coats on to get a strong lasting colour.
It doesn't smudge after putting it on and going straight back to toddler chasing.
It's pretty easy to get off with any polish if you fancy a change.
The range is ever changing with new colours added often. 
I have loads of different colours from them now, as they have deals such as 3 for 2 once in a while too.

The colour pictured is a red called Rapid Ruby.
£3.69 RRP.

-Loca x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The worst week ever.

It started off mid week actually .. And now coming to think of it .. I sound like a right mum.
Losing my keys (being hidden in the side of the sofa by your 18 month old), equals running late for nursery drop off and work.
Work goes well then picking up the pumpkins from nursery, we come home to find the person who is suppose to open the door for us not available. Typical ey .. On a freezing evening. We stayed in the warm with a ballon (don't ask) until we could eventually get back in.
Day 1 a bit of a mess but over in the end.
Day 2, starts off well, bubba goes to nanny whilst mumma works, 12 hour shift later, and I come home to a teething baby.
Teething ! My worst nightmare.. High temp, a snotty nose, ouchy gums = not a well baby.
All my boy wanted was mummy cuddles .. He was like a koala attached to my hip.. 4 sleepless nights of waking up every 30 minutes for a sip of milk or water and s cuddle.
I'm telling you ... I look and feel like death. Eye bags, no amount of Mac make-up can help me right now.
Calpol really is the winner with teething babies  though..
Tooth number 11 or 12 have arrived .. On the bottom.. Which means I can blog in bed whilst bubba snores away.
Today.. Last day of the worst week .. I hope.
My GHD's have suddenly broken .. I actually feel to cry .. It's an excuse to buy new ones I guess .. But at the same time I really really want to stick to less heat .. So I'm currently in 2 minds at the moment .

That's been my week, thank goodness for calpol, milk, mummy cuddles and a teething ring.

Let's hope next week will be better ,, I'm planning ahead so I'm hoping it will be.

-Loca x