Sunday, 14 September 2014

Away for the Night.

Jayden's first night away from me in the one year and 2 months since he was born.

I had been putting it off for the longest time, I really didn't think he was ready to be away from me for the night.
He spends a full day away from me in the day when I have a full-day at work, but he always wakes up to me, and in the middle of the night if he wakes i'm there to put him back to sleep.

I took the opportunity this weekend, while I had a weekend shift at work, and was going out on saturday night to take the plug and let Jayden stay away from me for the night.

Now it's never been a case of will he be looked after okay, because I know that he will be, he loves being at his grandma's , it's more are we both ready to be away from each other for a night.
I felt like we were both ready, and it was a success !

I think because I was kept busy with work, and being out, I wasn't given a minute to be sad, I was happy, and looking forward to be see him next. Yeah i'm acting like its a week, but baby-steps, 1 night at a time.

I think its been great, for both me and my little man.

So take a breath, don't worry so much, and everything will fall into place at the right moment.

-Loca x

Night Off !

I have two posts i'm about to do, both related.. but you'll understand after you read them both.

First Post- Night Off

So it's was my good friends birthday and she invited me to go out to WestEnd Clubbing. Ekk.
She literally had to book me a month advanced, because she knows the baby situation, I had to get a baby-sitter for the night, get the night off work.. etc.


Got a baby-sitter, outfit, heels (which hurt after dancing all night with the girls), so I was ready to go.

Honestly I'm not the big raving type, I think I got it all out my system when I was 18, so after I had Jayden it really didn't bother me when other people go out raving, because it's not my scene. Saying that it is nice to go out with friends for a birthday to a club once every 6 months, its not illegal !

I personally think that going raving every weekend when you're child is at home, practically living with there grandparents is not acceptable. I love spending quality time with my little one, I would choose it over raving any day of the week, all these mums like ' TUN TUN UP, TURN DOWN FOR WHAT'.. urm Turn Down cause your child is at home and your out whining with next man.

Working to provide for our children can be stressful and every parent deserved to have time out to step back from the family life, and remember to be an individual themselves and have a laugh.
Its important to find the balance, as thats key.  You have to be able to put motherhood first no matter what, then give yourself a time out once in a while to rejuvenate.

Children grow up so fast, and its so important to cherish the moments and times we have with them.

-Loca x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Trip to Bicester

I've been meaning to go to Bicester for ages, I love an Outlet, and I love designers so I thought why not go here again, the last time I went I was about 16 and honestly don't remember it much.
So me, my partner and Jayden went off to Bicester on our rare day off.

Bicester Village is not far from Oxford, so from London to Bicester it was about an hour from Marylebone on the train. We got a good seat on the train, so it fit the pram perfectly, and Jayden slept the whole way there so it was even better.

From the station to the actually village was about a 5 minute bus journey, on buses provided from the village, clean, spacious and pram friendly.

We went to eat in Carluccio's, a restaurant I hadn't been to in years, we decided to go and get some italian food.
Baby-friendly 10/10
Kids Menu was a starter of breadsticks which Jay loved, then lasagna for main and ice cream for dessert with a fruit juice.
Honestly I found the lasagna a bit bland and tasteless. Jayden actually ended up eating most of my cabonara.
Jayden sat in his highchair happily, we were sat in a nice spacious area with space for the pram next to us aswell.
He was given a 'little italian journal' (super cute) with some coloured pencils. He loved it, drawing away keeping him entertained for a little while.

I had cabonara and it was nice, my only fault was that the bacon was too fatty but thats just a personal thing.

We then went shopping after we had filled our stomachs.

They have all sorts of shops from Prada, MCM, DKNY to Ralph Lauren.
They had lots of shops to look around but honestly I wasn't too woo'd by them.
I got myself a DKNY purse, because I wanted to get one, along side a matching bag, but I didn't find a bag I was really excited about, so I just got the purse.

Usually I loved going into Ralph Lauren's Kids store, but it wasn't very good. I got my niece a top for her birthday for  good price. But the boys clothing for 1 year olds were not good at all. The shoes section for kids was actually good, I didn't risk buying for Jayden as his feet needed to be measured and they didn't do it in store, so I went without buying any shoes for him.

Oh and the toilets were amazing !
I love a clean baby changing area .. something that people forget in public areas sometime.
It had its own baby-changing room, clean ! With a machine for nappies and wipes aswell incase you forget them. A nice chair for someone to sit in if they are with you, a nice sink, and even Molton Brown handwash and cream too.

I think considering it was an outlet village, the prices weren't as good as I expected for example, UGGs were £180 instead of £200, student discount in office is the same price, if you didn't realise it could be a bargain, but for me it wasn't.

Regardless it was a good day trip out with the family.

-Loca x


So this is a fairly random post, but honestly I am mind-boggled!
How does a 1 year old hide 2 remotes, the sky and the main TV remote within a living room.
All the family have looked high and low for these remotes and they have literally disappeared into thin air.
The last person to have been seen having them is baby Jayden, playing happily with them, then an hour later they had disappeared.

As he's a 1 year old, and mostly says 'shoooosh' meaning shoes. I'm trying to figure out where he would put them, they are clearly in a really obvious place which we have all past and not noticed, but it has really blown my mind how they have gone missing.

Thought I would share that with you all. Daily life of a mummy, hey!

-Loca x

Monday, 18 August 2014

White SnakeSkin Clutch

Other item I previously said I would post about.
I am a bag lover, I literally have so many bags its ridiculous, all different shapes, colours and sizes.
I bought some white snakeskin style court heels from Bershka last winter, and I never really got to wear them except when I was in South Africa, so when I got my graduation dress, I decided to get the white snake courts out.
I needed a bag to go with, and I looked everywhere, online and all the high street stores aswell.
Eventually after typing in everything I could think so, I found a website that sells leather snakeskin style white clutch bags.

GiGi NewYork

My Matching Shoes and Bag Combo

 This is the bag, it was in dollars, so it was around 105 dollars which was around 70 pound or so.
It fits my iPad mini inside, so I now use this bag day to day, so its worth the money I paid.
It looks small but it has a large amount of space inside it.

I also got the option to personalise the bag(which I loved), I love bespoke items.
With my initials stamped in a gold colour print , it was a cute added touch to the clutch.

Shipping from the US to London, took about 5-7 days roughly with FEDEX, which I paid for extra.
I had a bit of problem in the beginning which my order payment, but after emailing to confirm it, I got a response within 24 hours and the problem fixed straight away, with a friendly and helpful reply back it's a company I would use again.

I love the website, and all the items, I could have bought way more than I need.
For a link to the clutch section of their website Click Here .

-Loca x

YSL Lipstick

As said in a previous post, I spoke about my YSL lipstick which I wore to my graduation.
I fell in serious LOVE/LUST with this lipstick.

Now i'm not one for a Red Lipstick, firstly because I can never find the correct shade for my skintone.
But this one, it was like lust at first touch.
I tried a bobbi brown shade, but the red ended up looking really tacky, and slightly 'slutty red'.
So I went over to the YSL counter in John Lewis (knowing its going to cost me a bit, but it was for my graduation and I felt I earned it so I wasn't too bothered with price).
I tried on this shade; 14 of the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick, and it was the right shade.
First it comes in a sexy little gold box with YSL in red on the front, so its just a sexy lipstick to own.

Engraved into the lipstick is the YSL logo on, and the red is so sleek.

Here it is on my lips, I took like 50 pictures to show you all the shade, and I ended up with the one I was messing about with my camera with.

The picture really doesn't even give the colour justice, but its a really nice red, it stays on for HOURS !
Feels super soft on my lips, defo 10/10.
I also use a lipcote on top of the lipstick to keep the colour from smugging and staining things whilst wearing it.

The YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick; Shade 14 is priced at £25.

Available Here or From John Lewis Department Stores.

-Loca x

My Graduation

The time came to graduate and I was so excited ! 
I got my outfit about 3 weeks before, a classic white knee-length dress with lace detail. It was from Karen Millen and I got it in the sale, I love their range of clothes as they fit my petite body shape very well.
I also wore white python print shoes, and a matching clutch, the clutch I got from America with my initials personalised on it- GiGi New York. ( Review on that to come). I then splurged on a YSL red lipstick , which I LOVE ! (Review on that coming up too).

On to Jayden's outfit, I got from Mamas and Papas, In the sale (RESULT), stripy trousers, tie and a blazer(which he didn't end up wearing as it was too hot), and a white shirt from next. Teamed with his Jordan's he already had.

It was a wonderful day ! And so amazing that I could have my beautiful boy there to watch me graduate from being just a bump whilst in class.

I hope I can inspire him, to be able to do what he wants in life as a career and to succeed in his dreams !

-Loca x